Online Culinary School

D.I.C.E.D. Culinary School has developed the first online culinary and hospitality education platform. What we have created is an innovative training program intended to reach all students and support the professionals working in the industry. The first step was to develop a program that gives the freedom to achieve personal goals. The next step was to make it affordable to all, with work mentorship aiding student development being a key element in the program’s design. We would like to encourage professional chefs and business owners to get involved and embrace the future of education. This online environment will allow each participant to become more self-reliant, confident and successful in the workplace.


The rudimentary aim and objective of our online training initiative involves recognizing and guiding motivated students along a personal and employment development strategy. By placing a high priority on the students’ development, we hope to achieve and maintain excellence in food services education as well as build personal satisfaction and self-worth among all students in our programs. Kitchen Statement of Values:

  • Our goal is to educate our students, partners, and ourselves about the food experience and the effect it has on our community
  • We are committed to continually evolving our school model to improve education to all students in our programs with innovative development of training and understanding.

Our commitment to these opportunities is demonstrated by:

  • Create forums that allow each member of our culinary community to voice questions, ideas, goals, and concerns;
  • Create a work environment that supports and challenges individual students to bring their best to each day;
  • offering them opportunities to develop new skill sets to enrich their quality of life;
  • Establish concrete training practices which allow students to set and reach goals;
  • Strive to make each student feel welcome and appreciated in all environments with a complete understanding of what challenges they may come up against.
  • Educate all students on our goal of becoming a primary food and beverage trainer and educator in Vancouver focusing on the disadvantage and marginal and our commitment to socially responsible.
  • Share our knowledge of socially responsible food production practices with our partners.