Don Guthro, Founder and Chef Director of DICED Culinary School.

Tourism HR Canada Accreditation

Tourism HR Canada Accreditation

DICED Culinary School Earns Coveted Accreditation from Tourism HR Canada.

DICED Culinary School, an industry pioneer, proudly announces its recent accreditation under Tourism HR Canada’s prestigious SMART + Accreditation Program. This significant achievement solidifies DICED as a leading institution in culinary education, especially notable for its groundbreaking approach as one of the first online culinary schools and hospitality education platforms of its kind.

“DICED isn’t just a school; it’s a creative hub, a place where passion for the culinary arts thrives.
says Don Guthro, Founder and Chef Director. “I’m elated by this recognition. It signifies not only a milestone in our journey but also underscores our commitment to creating enriching and accessible education.”

Established in 2008, DICED Culinary School has consistently pushed the boundaries of culinary education. The institution launched its Online Culinary School in 2019, breaking new ground and redefining how culinary education is delivered. Their innovative program is designed to reach all students and remove barriers in order to make them successful professionals in the industry.

DICED champions inclusivity, offering sponsorships for students facing financial barriers. This is made possible through its diverse business ventures, including a catering company, the DICED Discovery Cafe, a meal delivery service, and retail offerings. DICED stands as a pillar in the community, driven by its socially conscious business model.

Tourism HR Canada, in a commendatory letter to DICED, expressed enthusiasm for the accreditation achievement. “This national accreditation serves as recognition that your program exceeds industry standards and demonstrates best practices in program development and delivery, review and improvement, and outcomes measurement. It is a true testament to your commitment to providing quality tourism programming.”

Tourism HR Canada is the national HR organization dedicated to fostering the recovery and growth of Canada’s visitor economy with a skilled, diverse, inclusive and resilient workforce. Striving to professionalize the tourism sector and ensure quality tourism-related programming, Tourism HR Canada has spearheaded the development of a flexible and inclusive accreditation program. The SMART+ Accreditation Program provides national recognition to programs that meet or exceed industry standards, including DICED Culinary School.

DICED’s innovative education model ensures accessibility, reaching aspiring chefs and industry professionals throughout Canada. The recent accreditation not only validates the excellence of DICED’s programming but also positions the institution as a hub for quality education in the culinary arts. Students leave the DICED Culinary School as skilled professionals ready to contribute significantly to the growth of Canada’s tourism sector. So far, 472 students have graduated from this one of a kind program!

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